Why is Senior Dental Care Important?

Why is Senior Dental Care Important?

Posted by MOST DENTAL on Sep 22 2021, 12:31 AM

Why is Senior Dental Care Important?

Many people assume that losing teeth is a part of aging.  However, this is not the right thing, and it should never be this way. 

Since one's dental health is linked to whole-body health, it is important to keep oral health a priority. When we provide the teeth and gums the proper care they deserve, maintaining a full set of teeth even during the senior years is possible. 

However, if one does not take care of oral health well, they can be exposed to a number of dental issues as follows:  

  • Darkened teeth: Teeth darkening can occur due to the changes in dentin that lie beneath the tooth enamel, thinning of the outer enamel allowing the yellow dentin to show through, or as a result of consumption of stain-causing foods and beverages for a lifetime. 
  • Dry mouth: Dry mouth can be a result of reduced saliva flow that occurs due to certain diseases, side effects of medications, or the result of radiation to the head and neck area.
  • A diminished sense of taste:Loss of taste can happen due to advanced age,  certain diseases, and medications. 
  • Root decay: Root decay occurs when tooth root gets exposed to decay-causing acids when they have no enamel to protect them. 
  • Gum disease and tooth loss:Gum disease can affect many adults and is caused by plaque, use of tobacco products, ill-fitting dental appliances, poor diets, and certain diseases. 
  • Uneven jawbone: If missing or lost teeth are not replaced, it can cause drifting of the rest of the teeth to the open spaces, leading to an uneven jawbone. 
  • Thrush: Thrush is the overgrowth of fungus in the mouth as a result of certain diseases or medications that affect the immune system.

Why does your Las Vegas general dentist urge everyone to take care of teeth and gums even at an old age?

Not taking care of teeth and gums during older age can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, and many other dental diseases. Besides the obvious damage to the mouth and teeth, a lack of proper oral hygiene can affect one's overall health as well and can cause the following diseases.  

  • Heart disease:When the bacteria in the mouth enter the bloodstream through the gum tissue, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks can occur.
  • Respiratory infections:Poor dental health can cause the bacteria from the mouth to reach the lungs, causing infections in adults, leading to pneumonia.
  • Diabetes: Adults with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing gum disease. And once someone has gum disease, it can become hard to manage blood sugar levels.

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